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Welcome to the Website of the Linguistic Association for the Hungarian Language “Szarvas Gabor” 

The Linguistic Association for the Hungarian Language “Szarvas Gabor” was founded in Ada in 1993. It is the principal organizer of the annual event “Szarvas Gabor” Linguistic Days that comprise cultural programmes, performances, recitations, exhibitions and laying wreaths at the bust of Gabor Szarvas, which is situated in the centre of the town. The lectures held at the academic conference are published in individual brochures every year.

Our aim is to promote and to preserve the Hungarian language, to assist the correct usage of the language, to strengthen the Hungarian language culture. The association is concerned with professional and academic courses, with the organization of lectures on linguistic culture, consultative assistance, student competitions, linguistic camps, conversaziones as well as author-reader meetings. These get-togethers open the door to interviews, debates, discussions of common problems and the mother tongue usage.

Our website is to enable an insight into the life of the association and to inform of our work during the past years.



Gabor Szarvas

Gabor Szarvas, the linguist, was the first to fight for the Hungarian language culture. He was born in Ada on 22 March 1832, and died in Budapest on 12 October 1895. He volunteered to join in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, however, he was not accepted because of his early years. Thus, he joined the order of Saint Benedict, but in 1852, after taking his final examinations at secondary school, he left the monastery and took up law. He had to give up studying due to his illness.

In 1858 he taught in Eger, in 1860 in Baja, and between 1861 and 1869 in Bratislava. In the meantime he qualified himself for a teacher. In the period of 1869 and 1881 he was a teacher at the grammar school in Budapest. In 1879 he got ill with a serious eye-disease.

As early as in 1858 his feuilletons were printed in the newspapers “Hölgyfutár”, “Bajai Közlöny” and “Aldunai Lapok” under the pseudonym Pap Riska. Somewhile he was the editor of “Aldunai Lapok”, as well. His activity in the field of linguistics made him well-known throughout the country. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences charged him with the commission to initiate a journal and to study and cultivate the Hungarian language. Thus, in 1872, he launched the journal “Magyar Nyelvor” where he fought against the incorrect usage of word forms in the language and where he wrote excellent articles on etymology. The most gifted Hungarian linguists bunched around the new journal: Zsigmond Simonyi, József Szinnyei, Bernát Munkácsi, etc.

Gabor Szarvas was the member of the Finno-Ugrian Association in Helsinki. As a fiery purist he fought against the violent neology and against the adoption of foreign words and phrases. In his studies he determined the limit of neologism. Together with Jozsef Budencz and Aron Szilagyi he edited the Anthology of the Language Monuments, Vol. I-III, (“Nyelvemléktár”, Budapest, 1874-75). For his work ”Tenses in the Hungarian Language” he received the award of the Academy of Sciences. Along with Jozsef Simonyi he edited the Etymological Dictionary of the Hungarian Language. In appreciation of his successful work the Hungarian Academy of Sciences admitted him as a corresponding, later as a full member. In 1879, a serious eye-disease ruined his health, he lost his eyesight, and in 1881, he retired.

Bibliography: Magyartalanságok (Pest, 1867); A magyar igeidők (Pest, 1872); A magyar nyelvújításról (Budapest, 1875); Magyar nyelvtörténeti szótár (I–III., Budapest, 1890 - 93.)

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On the Linguistic Days

The first Linguistic Days “Szarvas Gabor” were held in Ada in 1971. In the beginning they took place every second year. Between the years 1981. and 1990. they were forced to pause for political reasons. Since 1990. the celebration has been organized annually. In the year of 1993, the foundation of the Association for the Hungarian Language “Szarvas Gabor” has contributed to the stability of the institution. The financial resources for the organization are covered from various funds: competitions, the budget of the Local Government of Ada, donations of companies and individuals.

The Linguistic Days comprise several traditional events: academic conferences, laying wreaths, competitions for secondary school students in fine speaking, language games for primary school pupils, as well as concomitant programmes, such as author-reader meetings and other similar cultural events. At the academic conferences well-known Vojvodinian and guest researchers of the Hungarian language give accounts on current issues. A great number of Hungarian-speaking pupils and students from all over the territory take part in the competitions held both for primary and secondary school attendants.

The media (television, radio and the press in the Hungarian language) cover the events of the Linguistic Days regularly. Also, the managing committee has issued a brochure on the Linguistic Days since 1995. The publication includes the accounts of the academic conference from the previous year, the awarded pieces, the lists of the contestants at the competitions, photograph galleries, etc.



Academic Conferences

The origin of the Hungarian words and names


Correct and fine speaking


Language style


Linguistic and extra-linguistic communication


Reading and writing


Foreign language effects on the Hungarian language


The Hungarian language on the threshold of the third millennium


The place of the Hungarian language in the world


Language and soul


The position of the Hungarian language


The Hungarian language and culture through the centuries


The past and the outlook of the language culture




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